About Us

I.E.S. is a German company specializing in advanced eco-technologies, particularly in the recycling of seawater brines resulting from any desalination method.

IES is a member of the European Desalination Society.

The company employs high-qualified specialists and important scientists (doctors, professors, academicians).

I.E.S. is the first and the only company in the world that invented developed and produced a unique environmentally – friendly economical advanced technology for recycling the seawater waste brine discharges resulting from the desalination process. By attaching such a technology to any existing desalination plant, the whole seawater desalination system is converted into an ecological zero-discharge system, high-purity table salt and other valuable minerals are extracted from the brine and the output of drinking water (meeting the high “WHO” standards) is doubled.
This is the first time in the human history that such a technology is discovered and successfully developed and ready to serve humanity, environment and industry.

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